Muse Communication

Want to reposition your brand to give it a boost? Ready to bring a new product or service to market? Implementing internal changes and need help to get the team on board? We can help.


Marketing Communications
Marketing should help drive your sales. Ask any sales person what he/she really needs to make a sale. That’s smart, cost-effective marketing. A concept that gets noticed. Copy that involves. Direct marketing that generates leads. Websites that support the sale. Brochures that get the message across. Stuff that helps sell.

External Corporate Communication
One of the most important things a company needs to do to be succesful is communicate effectively. It is also one of the things that most companies struggle with. A big part of the challenge is that there are so many different people to communicate with and it often has to be done in different ways. That’s what we’re good at: making sure your message resonates with the people that matter to you.

Internal & HR Communication
In most organisations, internal communication remains top-down, didactic and centralised. It doesn’t work. Internal communication is  the field in which right now we are seeing the most profound changes. It is no longer just about the conversations that businesses have with their employees but also those that employees have with each other. (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, anyone?). And it’s the single biggest opportunity in helping to achieve effective, sustainable change. But more on that later.

Training & workshops
Our workshops and trainings have one goal: to help people communicate effectively with each other so they can give their best to your business. That’s why (perhaps a little strangely you may think), we host workshops in authentic leadership, public speaking and media training right through to courses in inter-generational team collaboration (did you know that 4 generations will soon share the workspace?) and leading Generation-Y.

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